Marcella Kroll for oracle decks and intuitive readings, Los Angeles

Jordan Pagan for breathwork circles at Minka, tarot, herbal medicine

Anna Joy The Queer Witch Astrology, tarot, and reiki and the the queer witch podcast

Jennifer Patterson for Herbalism, Breathwork, trauma informed, queer and trans centered

Michelle Prentiss for Astrology reports for yourslef or couple

Drew Linden for intuitive tattooing and brow work 

Danielle Dorsey for tarot readings and Chakrub tarotscopes 

Nina Passero for health coaching, nutrition, and reiki/sound healing NYC

Alex March for Psychic Mediumship and Empath Development

Vida Cruz for readings, candle work and more.

Dr. Sarah Sadjak,  for Acupuncture and herbs NYC

 The Hoodwitch For all your crystal and metaphysical needs

Brook Albrigo for Shamanic Reiki and moon circles in Long Beach, California

Marie Hickey for female empowered womb work and Shamanic Healing in NJ

Erica Robyn for Acupuncture and Herbs in Portland, Oregon

Judie Hurtado for Psych K and Angel Readings in Maplewood, NJ

Pardis Partow for Mediumship and development in New York City

Yvonne Kawamura for therapeutic and energetic Massage in New York City

Sacred Sisters Wellness Center in Black Moutain, NC

Katie Parker for intuitive based Massage Work Source Point Therapy NYC

Joshua Dorfman for weekly meditations and Vortex Healing

Erin Somerset in Los Angeles, CA is an Empath, Reiki Master and Teacher

Ben Velez for mindfulness based Psychotherapy

Addie Lawson intuitive tarot readings via email 

Courtney Cooke an Akashic Records Reader in New York City

Lindsay Mack tarot school

Corrine Feinberg for Holy Fire Reiki, teaching, and herbs in Massachusetts. 

Tigerlily Holistic for community Acupuncture in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Feliciana for higher soul self and spirit guide email readings