Shannon is a multi-talented, inter-dimensional architect of healing, grace, and intuition. Her work is unique in that she integrates a range of tools and modalities seamlessly to work your energy into balance.

She is like a scientist or a doctor of the unseen; she calls me out for the maximum-security system I have around my energy field, as well as pinpoints the tender memories and hotspots that are calling for healing. She is a talented empath, sensing emotions from the past, present and future with equal effortlessness. 

I have received two sessions from her, one in person and one distance. Her "bedside manner" is calm and competent, making you feel like you are in good hands. She is attentive and makes you feel pampered and special without being condescending or cheesy. She's also just a cool, super rad lady to be around!

Her in-person session was grounding for the emotions and illuminating for the soul, having me on a natural high for days afterwards. She also has a particular expertise for distance energywork which is rare. I am a professional healer and clairvoyant myself, and I was able to see the specific colors, symbols and energies she was sending me, and confirm this with her afterwards! She also was able to sense long-held issues from childhood that no other practitioner has ever brought up. 

I am so thankful to be connected to Shannon as a dear friend, colleague and as part of my psychic-support team that I can call on in my times of need. I've watched with excitement as her reputation grows, so reach out now before she gets booked out! She is a powerful and dynamic force of light for New York City and across the globe and we are all lucky to have her. @violetflamerose

In person session review

Shannon's treatments are like nothing I've ever experienced anywhere else. Her intuition and at times startling psychic premonitions lead her to gently and effectively initiate the healing process across all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit- from clearing the most superficial energetic attachments to unravelling deep blockages and trauma held in the body since childhood, or even from lifetimes ago. Her treatments draw from any combination of reiki, tuning forks, stones, gems, crystals, pendulums, essential oils, and incense. Combined with her natural warmth, compassion, and insight, these techniques feel incredibly soothing and purifying. If you are feeling lost, out of sorts, in need of guidance or connection with the divine, or simply want to relax your mind and revitalize your soul, a session with Shannon is definitely the place to go! @hera_athene_noctua



I received a Reiki Master Attunement from Shannon a few weeks ago. The entire experience was absolutely wonderful and beautifully enlightening. Shannon speaks with such passion and excitement about her work and her worldly knowledge is amazingly inspiring. Since my Attunement she has also been readily available to answer any questions or concerns I had about the work we do. Shannon leaves an imprint on you that not many other people possess. Her energy and teachings have inspired my life to reach even farther and I am so grateful to have found her on my path. @katiekatmeower

Review from Lindsay

So...Today I had an experience that was pretty life changing: I got body work from the beautiful @radical_reiki <3 The body work I received from her was so powerful , SO unbelievably profound, it was genuinely jaw dropping in moments. I literally felt like i was having the most beautiful acid trip of all time. I traveled to different dimensions and time on her table today, all while feeling like a baby in a warm bath of water. I experienced profound energy movement, chakra healing and total body balancing that blew my mind, cords getting pulled out of me that I could physically feel--and this honestly minimizing my experience. Her unique blend of Reiki, psychic healing, massage, and Chinese Medicine is her own. It's utter alchemy. Shannon is the real deal--an intuitive empath who has devoted herself to her craft and is a true master on this path. She holds space so beautifully, and is genuinely a sorceress of healing. She's also a beautiful human and a fellow Jersey girl! Book her- immediately. For real. She does distance sessions, too! @wildsoulhealing

Review from Nicole


I still can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your daily grind to send some distance healing to my boyfriend, Bill. You were spot on with your intuitions regarding his physical health and his personality too. I am definitely going to pass along your suggestions to him. 

The fact that you went out of your way to help a complete stranger- for FREE- helps restore my faith in humanity and motivates me to get more involved with helping others as well! Thank you again! @starrymazed_

Review from Julie

Received a Reiki healing session from a spiritual sister @radicalreiki. She's the real deal! She combines Reiki with Chinese Medicine which is freaking awesome. Love her! if you're in NYC you have to check her out. @juliepham

Review from Stefanie

This was my first time having a Reiki and energy healing session, so I did not know what to expect. The second i met Shannon, I felt welcomed and at ease. She is a gentle yet powerful healer who is incredibly intuitive. During the session, Shannon was able to guide me to becoming aware of some of the energetic blocks in my life that are keeping me from my full potential. With the help of her healing energy, and guidance, I have been able to heal some old wounds and start to let go of deep routed fears. I am so grateful that i was able to experience this and look forward to my next session. @purpleseahorse

Review from Lauren

I had a distance Reiki session with Shannon and it was absolutely AMAZING. I can truly feel a significant difference in my overall well being & state of mind! Shannon was so thorough and communicative before and after the session. It is clear how passionate she is about what she does...She honestly radiates pure love and positivity! (i can tell this by only talking to her over the internet, which is pretty cool) It was a pleasure working with you @radical_reiki and thank you so much again for all of your help and guidance. @laurhurt

Review from Liv

Review from Liv

Shannon is very personable and easy to work with. Her energy is palpable. It really was a pleasure to work with her. During the session I felt very relaxed, I could feel some tingles, and even a sensation that felt like someone was tapping me. After the session we talked about the things she picked up and she was SPOT ON. She mentioned things I hadn't told anyone but my best friend. 

What Ive realized since the session is that there is so much more space around me. My energy is flowing more easily & freely. Immediately after the session cycles that had been perpetuating for years ended. Seriously done, no longer a factor. The healing has been intense. In the creation of this space I've been able to let go of things that had unconsciously been weighing me down for years. I am so much lighter. So free. It's incredible. I can't wait for our next session. - @livmarie08