Review from Lindsay

So...Today I had an experience that was pretty life changing: I got body work from the beautiful @radical_reiki <3 The body work I received from her was so powerful , SO unbelievably profound, it was genuinely jaw dropping in moments. I literally felt like i was having the most beautiful acid trip of all time. I traveled to different dimensions and time on her table today, all while feeling like a baby in a warm bath of water. I experienced profound energy movement, chakra healing and total body balancing that blew my mind, cords getting pulled out of me that I could physically feel--and this honestly minimizing my experience. Her unique blend of Reiki, psychic healing, massage, and Chinese Medicine is her own. It's utter alchemy. Shannon is the real deal--an intuitive empath who has devoted herself to her craft and is a true master on this path. She holds space so beautifully, and is genuinely a sorceress of healing. She's also a beautiful human and a fellow Jersey girl! Book her- immediately. For real. She does distance sessions, too! @wildsoulhealing