13th Octave LaHoChi: $111.00

LaHoChi is a powerful remote and hands on healing technique that brings in a very high frequency of light. The "La" in LaHoChi refers to the Light, Love and Wisdom coming from the Christ frequency or higher. The "Ho" means the movement of this energy, and the "Chi" is universal life force.   As such, LaHoChi energy can be summarized as "healing light of the highest frequencies, filled with life force, moving with the combined intentions of spiritual and human beings to wherever it needs to go".
LaHo-Chi is reported to have originated from ancient China and was brought forth by oral transmission on May 15, 1991, in Santa Monica, California, through a Western spiritual teacher named Satchamar, a long term disciple of the holy man Sathya Sai Baba of India. LaHo-Chi energy may be used in the form of hands-on, remote, and/or self-healing to facilitate a state of deep “full body meditation.” Other forms of spiritual energy healing, such as Reiki, share many similarities in their approach and yet each has a unique frequency or vibrational energy. LaHo-Chi is a powerful, yet gentle, form of energy balancing and healing wherein the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured. LaHo-Chi facilitates gentle energetic release of cellular memory and deep healing of physical, emotional, and psychological issues, traumas, and accumulated stress from an individual’s life experiences. These inevitable stresses accumulate over time and can significantly affect the health and well-being of the individual.

13th Octave LaHoChi:
The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God; an awareness that is anchored deep within your heart.  When LaHoChi is joined with the energies of the 13th Octave the squaring effect is comparable to a nuclear reaction.
In the year 2000 the energy of LaHoChi was stepped up and the 13th Octave LaHoChi came about.  (This new information was given by the Council Of Love, through Linda Dillon). It was not just a joining of the original LaHoChi with the 13th Octave but now had additional hand positions.  As well the core group of Masters who brought in the 13th Octave there are now additional LaHoChi Masters present during a healing session. 
There is the addition of the Violet Flame the Blue Diamond of the Mother, universal grid work, specific sacred geometry, specific sound work, bi and multi location/imprinting, star tools and technology and crystals
This all takes place from the Sacred place of Divine Union, the 13th Octave
Benefits of a 13th Octave LaHoChi Healing Session

The benefits of LaHoChi high-frequency healing energy are infinite!  Imbalances in the energy field manifest on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of being. Not only will this energy work on the physical body (heal a sore throat or the beginning aches of a virus) but it will also calm the mental chatter, smooth out chaotic emotions, and activate our spiritual connections to ourselves and those around us.  It is very simple to use, and is a wonderful Self-Healing modality that can be blended into a morning or nighttime routine with great ease.

During a healing session you may experience:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Feeling of profound peace and unconditional love

  • Releasing of blocked or "stuck" energies in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the energetic field

  • Energetic accupuncture, high vibration healing using color, plant essences, and sound frequencies

  • Deeper connection to higher self and accelerated spiritual awakening

  • Ease pain, soothe emotions, calm the chattering mind, and fill the spiritual bodies with brilliant light

  • Connect to the realms of Ascended Masters, Archangels, and pure Source love.

  • Feeling supported and full of "bliss".

  • "Seal of Protection" around the facilitator and the client so that the divine energy flows with ease and grace, while any releasing of blocked energies is immediately transmuted into the highest vibration of pure light.  

Additional Benefits:

1. LaHoChi reweaves the energy field by repairing holes, tears and shattered areas caused by variety of impacts including difficult birth, radiation, surgery, drugs, accidents, former and present life injuries, all types of trauma, environmental toxins, negative affirmations and genetic tendencies.
 2. Brings in the vibrations of color and sound.
3. Performs acupuncture in the etheric field.
4. Brings in the vibrations of flower and mineral essences.
5. Balances the flow of cranial fluid in the brain and balances the cranial pulse.
6. Opens the body's 21 energy flows or organ system meridians.
7. Opens blockages in the subtle energy bodies.
8. Opens and clears the chakra system.
9. Realigns the body's blueprint - a 3 layer grid system that holds the body's integrity.
10. Clears electrical blocks in the energy body, a web-like link between cellular memory and the physical body, so information can pass freely.
11 . Expands the energy field.
12. Places divine memory in the outer layer of the energy field, which will transmit divine memory to the entire body.
13 . Places divine memory in the etheric field for the purpose of healing imbalances.
14. Activates our light body.
15. Accelerates one to their healing and spiritual gifts.
16. Assists in attaining highest states of meditation or consciousness possible for each person in the present moment.

BOOKING: Session is 45 minutes. At the time you book you must lay down to receive the healing. Then after I will contact you on Skype with session notes. Please also send a photo of yourself either in an email to me or in your skype message to me. As recent as possible please.

IMPORTANT: You must add me to your contacts on Skype:profile on shannon.o.loyola and send me a message with your appt. time and date or wave. I will accept the contact request the day of your session prior to your appt. time. If I don´t receive the contact request, I will still perform the 45 minute session without the follow up reading and notes of your session. You then forfeit that portion of your session.


The Akashic Records is an 11th dimensional space that is interwoven into every aspect of 3rd/4th D earthy existence. Every person and place has an Akashic Record. One can access this realm with their birth name. The Masters, Teachers, and loved ones attached to your soul record are the collective energy that's being channeled for information and wisdom. So I as the Practitioner, am receiving pure channel and then transmitting the information from my own personal understanding. Some of the information that I intercept is almost code like and can be symbolic in interpretation. So as it unfolds - we can unravel it together. Once, the access prayer is said with your full name- the energy connection is established. The energy that is opened to access this information is also in itself very healing - one can feel the affects for days and also some have reported healing from various traumas. Once your records are open I channel for most of the session, and the reading is dialogue based. I save room for some questions towards the end of the reading if something specific wasn’t addressed during the free flow portion. Then at the end I do a three card pull. Please note that you should have a pen and paper for notes, as well as a glass of water. Depending on how much there is to “unpack” sessions may run over time. Please add me to your contact : shannon.o.loyola for your session and send a message with time and date of your reading or a smile face, or wave. I accept the request the day and time of your reading, so I don’t have to look for it. Remember not everyone’s handle is their name. So for instance if your skype name is Babydoll48, I’m not going to remember your handle. So again you must add me to your contacts and send me a message. If I do not receive a contact request and I still don’t have it ten minutes into your appt. the session is forfeited and will not be rescheduled. All appointments are non refundable. Appts. can be rescheduled by you up to 24 hours prior to your appt. time and day. You can do this online from your confirmation emails or my website. Letting me know at the time of your session that you forgot about your appt. is not acceptable, as there are confirmation emails sent to you twice about the appt. you made, so this also counts as a forfeited session. Thank You!

60 minutes $111.00





In distance session's I use the distance Reiki symbol "Hon sha ze sho nen" to connect with a client's energy. With energy work there is no such thing as time, space or distance. This symbol acts as a portal opener and allows me to deliver Reiki healing to a person, place, or event: past or future. Once opened and connected, In my mind I perform a half hour session as if you were in person at my office. As I'm delivering Reiki, I also look for any energetic distortions, blocks, or weakness in the main chakras. As a Reiki Master, I can connect to your energy and work on a physical, emotional and karmic level. 

Since I also work with Reiki guides, my Guardian Angel and Archangels, I’m able to receive information regarding a session. This is not always guaranteed, as I tell my clients in person: "I have no control over what information is delivered. Just know that the work is always for your highest good." Sometimes, guide information isn't given because it can interfere with your own development or lessons that need to be learned in this lifetime or in present time.

Session requirements: Please email a photo of yourself to The session is 45 minutes long. At the time of your session please be laying down and open to receiving the energy. for post session information you must add me to your contacts Skype: shannon.o.loyola I only work with Skype. Please do not ask me to connect on any other format. This is a working boundary I adhere to.

IMPORTANT: You must send me a contact request to me my profile on Skype: shannon.o.loyola I will accept the contact request the day of your session prior to your appt. time. If I don´t receive the contact request, I will still perform the 45 minute session without the follow up reading and notes of your session. You then forfeit that portion of your session.

During the session you may feel actual sensations of the work happening. You may experience the following:

-color imagery while your eyes are closed

-tingle like or wave like sensations

-A sense of peace and relaxation

-An awareness of the part of the body I´m working on

-A shift of temperature

Not all sessions are alike or the same. Some people don't experience any tangible feelings and this is normal as well. That's the beauty of being human. We are all different and our experiences are different. Reiki cannot cause harm. It is of pure source energy. Energy of light. Energetic debris and blocks can get in the way of progressing in your life on all levels. 

This work stays with you and can offer clarity, peace and understanding. This work helps to align you more with source energy and brings balance to your energy body. 

Be aware that Reiki/distance healing/ Alternative treatments and modalities are not a substitute for medical attention and care from your General Health Care Provider. Though energy work is a great addition to an Allopathic medicine regime. If you think you may have an illness, please consult with your GP or hospital. I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, or interfere with a GP's treatment. 

Thank you!