In person session review

Shannon's treatments are like nothing I've ever experienced anywhere else. Her intuition and at times startling psychic premonitions lead her to gently and effectively initiate the healing process across all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit- from clearing the most superficial energetic attachments to unravelling deep blockages and trauma held in the body since childhood, or even from lifetimes ago. Her treatments draw from any combination of reiki, tuning forks, stones, gems, crystals, pendulums, essential oils, and incense. Combined with her natural warmth, compassion, and insight, these techniques feel incredibly soothing and purifying. If you are feeling lost, out of sorts, in need of guidance or connection with the divine, or simply want to relax your mind and revitalize your soul, a session with Shannon is definitely the place to go! @hera_athene_noctua