Shannon is a multi-talented, inter-dimensional architect of healing, grace, and intuition. Her work is unique in that she integrates a range of tools and modalities seamlessly to work your energy into balance.

She is like a scientist or a doctor of the unseen; she calls me out for the maximum-security system I have around my energy field, as well as pinpoints the tender memories and hotspots that are calling for healing. She is a talented empath, sensing emotions from the past, present and future with equal effortlessness. 

I have received two sessions from her, one in person and one distance. Her "bedside manner" is calm and competent, making you feel like you are in good hands. She is attentive and makes you feel pampered and special without being condescending or cheesy. She's also just a cool, super rad lady to be around!

Her in-person session was grounding for the emotions and illuminating for the soul, having me on a natural high for days afterwards. She also has a particular expertise for distance energywork which is rare. I am a professional healer and clairvoyant myself, and I was able to see the specific colors, symbols and energies she was sending me, and confirm this with her afterwards! She also was able to sense long-held issues from childhood that no other practitioner has ever brought up. 

I am so thankful to be connected to Shannon as a dear friend, colleague and as part of my psychic-support team that I can call on in my times of need. I've watched with excitement as her reputation grows, so reach out now before she gets booked out! She is a powerful and dynamic force of light for New York City and across the globe and we are all lucky to have her. @violetflamerose