I currently offer the following Skype readings. You can book appointments through the calendar below. 

Skype Akashic Records Reading - $111.00

The Akashic Records is an 11th dimensional space that is interwoven into every aspect of 3rd/4th D earthy existence. Every person and place has an Akashic Record. One can access this realm with their birth name. The Masters, Teachers, and loved ones attached to your soul record are the collective energy that's being channeled for information and wisdom. So I as the Practitioner, am receiving pure channel not psychic information from my own personal understanding. Some of the information that I intercept is almost code like and can be symbolic in interpretation. So as it unfolds - we can unravel it together. Once, the access prayer is said with your full name- the energy is open and the receiver can also tangibly feel the shift that occurs. If there is an opening statement- this is said first and then questions can be taken. The energy that is opened to access this information is also in itself very healing - one can feel the affects for days and also some have reported healing from various traumas. 

When you purchase session, please send a contact request to my Skype name, shannon.o.loyola I will contact you during the scheduled appointment time. Please note that sessions are non-refundable. You will receive additional information about my cancellation policy once your session is booked.  Please be prepared to take notes and to have a quiet space to communicate in as well as water to drink. Please note that your session may run over time if their is a lot to "unpack". This work is spirit led, and sometimes sessions can run over time. 



In distance session's I use the distance Reiki symbol "Hon sha ze sho nen" to connect with a client's energy. With energy work there is no such thing as time, space or distance. This symbol acts as a portal opener and allows me to deliver Reiki healing to a person, place, or event: past or future. Once opened and connected, In my mind I perform a half hour session as if you were in person at my office. As I'm delivering Reiki, I also look for any energetic distortions, blocks, or weakness in the main chakras. As a Reiki Master, I can connect to your energy and work on a physical, emotional and karmic level.

Since I also work with Reiki guides and Angelic beings, I am able to receive information and impressions regarding a session. This is not always guaranteed, as I tell my clients in person: "I have no control over what information is delivered. Just know that the work is always for your highest good."

Sometimes, guide information isn't given because it can interfere with your own development or lessons that need to be learned in this lifetime or in present time.Session requirements: Name and a photo of yourself. This can be emailed or texted before session.

-During the session you may feel actual sensations of the work happening

-May experience color imagery while your eyes are closed

-A sense of peace and relaxation

Sessions are 40 minutes long and then skype video call after. 

Not all sessions are alike or the same. Some people don't experience any tangible feelings and this is normal as well. That's the beauty of being human. We are all different and our experiences are different. Reiki cannot cause harm. It is of pure source energy of light.

Client preparation: Set an intention to allow the energy into your life/body/energy field/ home. Take three mindful cleansing breaths and let go of the day! Get comfortable in a quiet space a few minutes before treatment time to set intention and to do breath work. Remember - the session time indicates when the distance Reiki will take place. I will contact you post session on Skype Video.

Post session: I will call voice call Skype or video Skype after your session to review session findings. Please specify what is best for you. Energetic debris and blocks can get in the way of progressing in your life on all levels. This work stays with you and can offer clarity, peace and understanding. This work helps to align you more with source energy and brings balance to your energy body.

Upon scheduling you will receive additional information about my cancellation and rescheduling policy. Please note that sessions are non-refundable. Once session is purchased please send a contact request to my Skype name: shannon.o.loyola

Thank you and I look forward to working with you.